Nootka and Sea

Goldilocks Lighthouse market || Nootka and the Sea
A little bit about Nootka and Sea: 
The idea of Nootka & Sea started between a husband & wife hiking through the BC coastal rain forests. Our Squamish retail shop is a curated collection of West Coast inspired made in-house natural cosmetics & fragrances, home goods and accessories.
Reusable (& in-store refillable) packaging and natural ingredients used in our products are sourced responsibly.  
We offer well known eco-minded brands and we highlight unique one-of-a-kind items from local artisans and third world countries. We educate, encourage and inspire on sustainable living. We are a connector of people and action to promote a greener planet. 
We offer well-known eco-action to promote a greener planet. 
We are hand-crafters, we are members of the planet, we are providers of green products, we are educators, we are committed to sustainability, we support local artisans, we are fuelled by community, we encourage diversity, we leave no footprint, we are Nootka & Sea.

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Golidlock Lighthouse Market with Nootka and Sea Squamish
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